A pretty good eastern European grocery store. You can buy pretty much anything you might want from Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus as far as food. It's small so don't expect NetCost size market. But I'm always able to find there what I need.

Babushkas Deli is a cute little shop with lots of Russian and European classics.They carry ready Russian Salads, Fresh Warm Bread, Candy, Canned Goods and lots more.We really enjoyed our visit and will definitely be back.

Babushka’s is a favorite. I don’t know all the Russian names, but we love their croquettes, savory filled pastries (lamb, pork, egg), stuffed chicken breasts, and charcuterie. Big freezer section full of frozen pierogis and the like.

Amazing experience and a huge selection of foods to choose from. The owner was delightful and very helpfully to answer questions I had. It's a must stop in when your in Livingston. I highly recommend visiting this deli. The items recommend were excellent. I'm looking forward to visiting again to try more delicious food and sweets 😁. Thanks!